Accelerating Business and IT Transformation with Digital Intelligence

Powered by Machine Learning and
Multi-Dimensional Analytics


Drive Effective Capacity Planning

Help predict the infrastructure resources needs and gaps by considering future events and historical patterns.

Optimize Resource Allocations

Using detailed baseline data and correlation, resource allocation can be optimized more effectively than traditional approaches.

Predict and Prevent Issues

With time-shift analysis and leading indicators information, outages can be prevented by predicting problems before they become service impacting.

What-If Scenarios Analysis

Allows changing the values of operation metrics to see the impact on success criteria. This will help in developing plans to mitigate those scenarios.

Accelerated Root Cause Identification

Event correlation and ability to drill down to specific rules causing the negative outcomes within the context of application makes it easy to pinpoint the root cause.

Data Scientists Tools and Dashboards

Provides an extensible framework for data scientists to use their own algorithm and verify the performance before deploying.


Baseline Metrics
Anamoly Detection
Leading Indicators
Lagging Indicators
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