Outcomes Driven Advanced Analytics Platform

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
AppDimensions Platform

Outcomes Driven IT

Defined. Governed. Delivered.

Continuously monitor, govern and predicted your Business and IT operational outcomes in real time.

  • Business and IT Ops Outcomes
  • Outcome Builder
  • Outcome Success Metrics
  • Multi-Dimensional Insights
  • Executive Intelligence Dashboards

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

Multisource Real Time Data Ingestion

Any Source. Any Data. Instantaneous.

Untapped data is as bad as having no data. Feed any data, from any source into AppDimensions and gain instantaneous insights and intelligence to drive your outcomes. Thanks to AppDimensions’ extensible data ingestion architecture and its dynamic insights and data modeling, you can bring your data back to life!

  • Extensible Data Ingestion Architecture
  • Data Polling and Data Ingest
  • Streaming Data and Offline/Archival Data
  • Dynamic Insights
  • Native integrations with widely used systems and tools

Machine Learning Powered Full Stack Analytics & IT Operations

Predictive. Optimized. Automated.

General purpose Machine Learning tools lack business and application context. In addition quality of models suffer as these such tools don’t govern/understand data quality. However, with AppDimensions, it is fully domain and application context aware, and it operates on high quality data that is solely driven by outcomes, providing you most relevant analytics, predictions and optimizations.

  • Drive Effective Capacity Planning
  • Optimize Resource Allocations
  • Predict and Prevent Issues
  • What-If Scenarios Analysis
  • Accelerated Root Cause Identification
  • Data Scientists Tools and Dashboards

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

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Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

Broad Coverage of Supported Technologies

AppDimensions provides broad coverage of supported applications, infrastructure and other standard IT systems, so that you can discover, analyze and optimize all such managed assets out of the box. New support can be easily added using SDK. ISV/Partners can also extend the support by publishing new extensions in the service catalog/marketplace.

  • Standard packaged and multi-tier web apps
  • Language/Frameworks like Java, C#, .NET, Node.js, Python, Spring, etc.
  • Host/OS on any Linux, Windows Server flavors
  • Physical and Virtual infra including Network, Storage, Load balancers and Firewalls
  • ITSM systems like Ticketing, Config and Fault Mgmt
  • Data ingestion from Databases, Datalake, Cloud datastores etc.

Flexible Deployment Options

AppDimensions supports flexible deployment options allowing you to install on-premises or on public cloud. Partners can deploy it in their datacenter to provide a hosted solution or deliver managed services for their customers.

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

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