Outcomes Driven Advanced Analytics Platform

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
  • Unified Application & Infra Intelligence
  • Cross-Layer, Cross-Domain Governance
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Recommendations & Remediations
  • Designed for Transformation

In today’s digital world, applications and services are the lifeblood of any enterprise. So IT leaders and CXOs of digital enterprises are constantly looking at providing these core strategic needs to deliver the agility and speed that they require:

  1. How can we quickly create or update our applications and services?
  2. How can we cost-effectively manage them, so they consistently deliver the outcomes demanded by various stakeholders?
CloudFabrix took these two needs to heart when developing its platform.


Delivering Business & Operations Outcomes

The end goal is bringing a set of business and operations outcomes (specified by the stakeholders) and making them a reality. On the most fundamental level this stipulation is what AppDimensions was created for. Simultaneously, AppDimensions yearns to eventually forgo the need for manual oversight by leveraging its deep learning/machine learning algorithms.

AppDimensions™ is offered as a platform as a service with SDK support making it easy for enterprise to extend easily to fit to their own needs. Its built-in marketplace and strong partner ecosystem will make it easy for enterprise to pick readily available modules and accelerate their modernization journey.

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Path to Outcomes Driven IT Analytics

Discover & Assess

A business has chosen to modernize. A solid blueprint is crucial to future success. Here's how to begin. A proper look at the current scenario must happen . This process of discovery will cement the foundation of programs, based upon which higher-level decisions can be accurately and thoroughly taken. First off, is the existing environment suitable and prepared to handle the latest technology?

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Define & Govern

What is the ultimate goal of systematic modernization? Stronger outcomes! This second phase is the critical component to outlining what exactly a firm is striving to achieve. These objectives are rarely identical between any two organizations. With specific targets in mind, AppDimensions will allow various stakeholders to define the desired outcomes. Resources can be grouped into templates and used to define outcomes.

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Predict & Optimize

AppDimensions built-in deep learning engine will make the systems self-governed, optimised and predictive as time goes. Desired operations state will be learnt and deviations quickly identified, leading to brisk corrective actions. Manual time & incurred cost will be reduced significantly once the process of exposing deficiencies and producing feasible solutions becomes automized.

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Accelerating Business and IT Transformation with Digital Intelligence

Powered by Machine Learning and Multi-Dimensional Analytics

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