Automated & Analytics Driven Continuous Governance

Automated & Analytics Driven Continuous Governance
of business and technology stack for achieving IT/Business
objectives and mitigating risks.

Complexity of Enterprise Applications

Dynamic dependencies - Infrastructure, Application Infrastructure, Business Services etc.

Applications Operational Challenges

Keeping costs under control while scaling the operations

Reactive war room like situations involving multiple teams

Too much time spent in resolving applications operational issues

Complex & Error prone change management due to poor visibility into interdependencies

Unable to predict incidents causing outages, service degradation and customer satisfaction issues

Have to navigate through multiple tools to collate required information and insights

Build Agile & Efficient Application Operations To Address Challenges

By Transforming Your Application Management To
Automated & Analytics Driven Continuous Governance With Outcomes Context

Complete visibility into Application
operational health and behavior

Reduce risks of
unplanned outages

Optimized to deliver
business goals and objectives

Faster troubleshooting and issue
resolution enabled by Machine Learning

Proactive and
preventive operations

Single pane view with
actionable insights

Enabling Customers Globally

Comprehensive capabilities to help build responsive and
business aligned application operations

  • Advanced Analytics With ML Capabilities

    - Faster resolution through root cause and correlation insights
    - Dynamic baselining for optimization and reducing false alarms
  • Granular application visibility and operational behavior

    - Self-learning of application footprint and detailed dependencies
    - Drill down analytics to pin point and detect issues easily
  • Real-time view of Application behavior from Outcomes Perspective

    - Provided continuous score on operational Health and Risk
    - Rules based on vendor recommendations, best practices and reference architectures and extensible with customer/partner specific requirements

  • Built to address multi environment and different stakeholder needs

    - Wide coverage of Applications : on cloud ,on-prem, traditional and modern
    - Analyze application behavior from multiple aspects – performance, availability, security etc.
  • Analytics to drive decision making and automation

    - Access to insights from historical patterns and effective collaboration
    - Recommendations and automation to optimize outcomes
  • Predict Issues before they happen

    - Machine learning capabilities to identify patterns and predict similar occurrence and alert
    - Dynamic baselining and correlation analytics across stack/dependencies

How it works?

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IT Leaders Face Tough Challenges in Keeping Tabs On Cloud

Getting onto Cloud is only half of the battle. All too often we hear these common Cloud challenges from our customers.

Hidden security risks
& potential exposure
of critical assets

Compliance violations
and penalties

Hard to implement
corporate IT controls
in multi-clouds

Cost and budget

Resource sprawl,
no effective oversight

Shadow IT resulting
in non-standardized

Concur your Toughest Cloud Challenges with cfxHorizons for Cloud,
Your Trusted Guardrails on Cloud

cfxHorizons for Cloud provides Cloud Governance covering, Security Conformance,
Industry, Regulatory compliance and Cost, Resource Visibility and Optimization across
multiple-clouds to enable you to concur your toughest challenges on cloud.

Uncover hidden security &
compliance issues and get
recommendations for improvement

Real-time visibility
into under/over-utilized

Measure and improve adherence to
best practices, vendor recommendations
and reference architectures

Extend and enforce
corporate IT controls
on cloud

Perform ongoing regulatory
and industry compliance
assessments (PCI, HIPAA, CIS etc.)

Standardized cloud
environments and
optimized spend

How cfxHorizons for Cloud is Enabling our Customers

Bring Cloud on Your Side

cfxHorizons for Cloud brings three key components to bring Cloud on your side:
1) Multi-source data ingestion & monitoring 2) Real-time insights and intelligence and 3) Automation to correct and remediate.
  • How Secure & Optimal is your Cloud Environment?

    It’s like a health-check number, but for your cloud. Aggregated views for decision makers and drill downs for SREs and Cloud Ops to quickly spot issues.
  • Continuous Cloud Governance

    Always on visibility and control, so you can keep tabs on your environment, all time, every time
  • Resource Visibility, Optimization

    Analytics to quickly spot resource hogs, bulky under/over-utilized resources, un/underutilized resources.
  • Cost Visibility, Optimization

    Cost analytics to identify top spend areas and drill down to any granular level including department, project (tag), instance or user. Recommendations for spend optimization, reserved instance strategy and potential savings report.

  • Native Plugins to Collect Data from Key Cloud Services

    Plugins enable automatic ingestion of critical cloud configuration, consumption, logs, events, metrics, trails and other relevant data for analysis and governance.
  • Have some important Data off the cloud? Bring it on!

    For example you may have user, budget or project related data in MS Excel, Salesforce or SAP. You can easily bring any external data off the cloud to enrich the context for cloud analytics and governance.
  • Security Conformance & Best Practices Conformance

    Perform ongoing CIS benchmark security assessment. Validate and measure adherence to AWS best practices.
  • Industry/Regulatory Compliance Conformance

    Assess conformance to compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI etc. Extend or customize assessment to meet specific needs.

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Business leaders face challenges in ensuring continuous
alignment of IT operations with enterprise wide digital initiatives

Lag in learning
about key business
performance metrics

Have to navigate through
multiple reports and dashboards
to assess business health

Unable to assess
risks to business from
IT issues/performance

Cannot spot new
opportunities due to lack
of intelligent insights

Costs associated with
coordination between different teams
for data collation and analysis

Staying relevant with
fast pace change in business
needs and technology trends

Effectively drive your Enterprise-Wide Digital
Initiatives and Outcomes

Ensure continuous visibility into performance of key business success factors. Align with underlying IT dependencies to manage and control associated risks

Single pane of
view and control for
CIO/BU leaders

Helps business leaders gain
visibility and control on
key business success factors

Spot dependencies and
gaps from underlying
technology stack.

Make faster and smarter decisions
based on insights from business
and operations data

Highlight technology risks
and allow business teams to
manage them effectively

Insights to help drive
effective digital initiatives,
IT decisions or investments

Comprehensive Capabilities to transform into business aligned Enterprise

  • Business KPIs Insights for different verticals

    Rich set of ready to configure and use business KPIs based on industry and functional organization
  • Continuous Data Governance

    Ensures data is secure and is in compliance with internal and regulatory requirements
  • Correlate Business KPI performance with underlying technology stack dependencies

    Correlates business KPIs with underlying technology stack performance
  • CXO Intelligence Dashboard

    Business Outcomes Visibility, CXO Intelligence Multi-site, Enterprise-wide Governance

  • Connectors for popular Enterprise Applications and Data Sources

    Comes with several out of box connectors to popular systems like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow etc. for easy integration and ready access to data that is relevant for KPIs/Outcomes
  • Customizable Workflows

    Can create custom workflows to collaborate and control between different teams
  • Measure Key Business KPIs, Success Metrics and get notified for Deviations

    Continuously measure key business KPIs to provide near real-time visibility of business health along with insights to help make quick course corrections.
  • Define and Verify compliance to Internal Controls and Regulations

    Single platform to achieve compliance to regulatory/industry best practices along with their own internal policies. Helps achieve consistency across clouds.

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