Transform The Way Applications Are Managed & Governed

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Complexity of Enterprise Applications

Dynamic dependencies - Infrastructure, Application Infrastructure, Business Services etc.

Applications Operational Challenges

Keeping costs under control while scaling the operations

Reactive war room like situations involving multiple teams

Too much time spent in resolving applications operational issues

Complex & Error prone change management due to poor visibility into interdependencies

Unable to predict incidents causing outages, service degradation and customer satisfaction issues

Have to navigate through multiple tools to collate required information and insights

Build Agile & Efficient Application Operations To Address Challenges

By Transforming Your Application Management To
Automated & Analytics Driven Continuous Governance With Outcomes Context

Complete visibility into Application
operational health and behavior

Reduce risks of
unplanned outages

Optimized to deliver
business goals and objectives

Faster troubleshooting and issue
resolution enabled by Machine Learning

Proactive and
preventive operations

Single pane view with
actionable insights

Enabling Customers Globally

Comprehensive capabilities to help build responsive and
business aligned application operations

  • Advanced Analytics With ML Capabilities

    - Faster resolution through root cause and correlation insights
    - Dynamic baselining for optimization and reducing false alarms
  • Granular application visibility and operational behavior

    - Self-learning of application footprint and detailed dependencies
    - Drill down analytics to pin point and detect issues easily
  • Real-time view of Application behavior from Outcomes Perspective

    - Provided continuous score on operational Health and Risk
    - Rules based on vendor recommendations, best practices and reference architectures and extensible with customer/partner specific requirements

  • Built to address multi environment and different stakeholder needs

    - Wide coverage of Applications : on cloud ,on-prem, traditional and modern
    - Analyze application behavior from multiple aspects – performance, availability, security etc.
  • Analytics to drive decision making and automation

    - Access to insights from historical patterns and effective collaboration
    - Recommendations and automation to optimize outcomes
  • Predict Issues before they happen

    - Machine learning capabilities to identify patterns and predict similar occurrence and alert
    - Dynamic baselining and correlation analytics across stack/dependencies

How it works?

Licensing & Pricing

Free Signup
valid for 30-days Usage
  • 10 Assets*
  • 1 Data Center/Cloud
  • 30-days data retention
  • 1 Outcomes
  • 5 Data connectors (supported list)

Starts from $3999
per month, billed annually
  • Up to 200 Assets*
  • 2 Data Centers/Clouds
  • 10 Outcomes
  • 50 Data connectors
  • Custom work as per SOW

Starts from $25
per Asset*/month, billed annually
  • No limits on Asset
  • No limit on Data Centers/Clouds
  • Unlimited outcomes
  • Unlimited Data connectors
  • Custom work as per SOW

* Each OS instance is treated as an asset and can include one or more app components

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