Make Cloud Fully Secure, Compliant and Optimized

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IT Leaders Face Tough Challenges in Keeping Tabs On Cloud

Getting onto Cloud is only half the victory battle won. All too often
we keep hearing about these common Cloud challenges from our customers.

Hidden security risks
& potential exposure
of critical assets

Compliance violations
and penalties

Hard to implement
corporate IT controls
in multi-clouds

Cost and budget

Resource sprawl,
no effective oversight

Shadow IT resulting
in non-standardized

Concur your Toughest Cloud Challenges with cfxDimensions for Cloud,
Your Trusted Guardrails on Cloud

cfxDimensions for Cloud provides Cloud Governance covering, Security Conformance,
Industry, Regulatory compliance and Cost, Resource Visibility and Optimization across
multiple-clouds to enable you to concur your toughest challenges on cloud.

Uncover hidden security &
compliance issues and get
recommendations for improvement

Real-time visibility
into under/over-utilized

Measure and improve adherence to
best practices, vendor recommendations
and reference architectures

Extend and enforce
corporate IT controls
on cloud

Perform ongoing regulatory
and industry compliance
assessments (PCI, HIPAA, CIS etc.)

Standardized cloud
environments and
optimized spend

How cfxDimensions for Cloud is Enabling our Customers

Bring Cloud on Your Side

cfxDimensions for Cloud brings three key components to bring Cloud on your side:
1) Multi-source data ingestion & monitoring 2) Real-time insights and intelligence and 3) Automation to correct and remediate.
  • How Secure & Optimal is your Cloud Environment?

    It’s like a health-check number, but for your cloud. Aggregated views for decision makers and drill downs for SREs and Cloud Ops to quickly spot issues.
  • Continuous Cloud Governance

    Always on visibility and control, so you can keep tabs on your environment, all time, every time
  • Resource Visibility, Optimization

    Analytics to quickly spot resource hogs, bulky under/over-utilized resources, un/underutilized resources.
  • Cost Visibility, Optimization

    Cost analytics to identify top spend areas and drill down to any granular level including department, project (tag), instance or user. Recommendations for spend optimization, reserved instance strategy and potential savings report.

  • Native Plugins to Collect Data from Key Cloud Services

    Plugins enable automatic ingestion of critical cloud configuration, consumption, logs, events, metrics, trails and other relevant data for analysis and governance.
  • Have some important Data off the cloud? Bring it on!

    For example you may have user, budget or project related data in MS Excel, Salesforce or SAP. You can easily bring any external data off the cloud to enrich the context for cloud analytics and governance.
  • Security Conformance & Best Practices Conformance

    Perform ongoing CIS benchmark security assessment. Validate and measure adherence to AWS best practices.
  • Industry/Regulatory Compliance Conformance

    Assess conformance to compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI etc. Extend or customize assessment to meet specific needs.

Licensing & Pricing

Free Signup
valid for 30-days Usage
  • 1 Cloud Account
  • 1 Region
  • 30-days data retention
  • 2 Modules
    Security Conformance (CIS Only) Cost Visibility

Starts from $999 / Bundle
per month, billed annually
  • Up to 200 resources
  • 2 Cloud Providers
  • Up to 10 linked accounts
  • 1-year data retention
  • 3 Modules
    Security Conformance
    Regulatory Compliance
    Resource Visibility
    Cost Visibility
    IT Controls/Best Practices

  • (additional module $2/module/m)
Starts from $10
per resource/month, billed annually
  • No limits on resources
  • No limit on Cloud Providers
  • Up to 100 linked accounts
  • 3-years data retention
  • Any 3 modules
    Security Conformance
    Regulatory Compliance
    Resource Visibility
    Cost Visibility
    IT Controls/Best Practices

  • (additional module $2/module/m)

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