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Why Outcomes Driven IT Analytics Approach?

Digital business offers new ways to connect, communicate, collaborate, conduct business and build ecosystems. It touches nearly every business function and often challenges existing business models. Due to the complexity and deeper impact a digital business brings, it is essential for enterprises to develop a comprehensive digital business blueprint and an execution plan.

AppDimensions Datasheet

CloudFabrix AppDimensions™ is an innovative Outcomes driven Application Analytics platform that helps enterprises to transform and govern many transforming entities across all layers and all domains, to meet business and operations outcomes in a consistent, quantifiable and policy driven automated manner.

Redefining Business & Operations Language

AppDimensions™ unique approach of providing Digital Governance platform as a service, combined with business outcomes, insights and ecosystem market place will revolutionize the way enterprises implement organization-wide digital governance to succeed in their strategic digital transformation initiatives.

Core Legacy Application Transformation

AppDimensions™ takes a unique approach in transforming the legacy applications without requiring any forklifting to avoid disruptions. It guides the enterprises through series of steps to specify and introduce active governance that is application specific for bringing the transformation in a controlled manner by measuring the readiness of each dimension and making recommended corrective actions.

Transforming an Order Processing System

Company is concerned about the revenue impact due to customer experience and service downtime. IT and operations teams are asked to ensure high availability and throughput from their order processing application to stay competitive.

AppDimensions™ Overview

AppDimensions is a cloud based platform that provides cross-layer and crossdomain application operations analytics irrespective of underlying technology stacks to meet the desired business and operational outcomes. The core value is consistent and guaranteed application operational performance from business and operator point of view.

Discovery & Assessment

Any modernization journey starts with visibility – knowing what’s out there, and AppDimensions can continuously Discover all your apps, infrastructure, clouds using an unique agentless approach and builds a comprehensive and active model of the disparate and complex nature of target environments.

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