Business and IT Transformation
Accelerated. Automated.

Comprehensive offering for enterprise modernization and transformation

Application Governance & Optimization

Provides real-time Application Operational Performance, Governance and optimization by collecting, learning and analyzing key IT operations and business performance data.

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Infrastructure Modernization

Enable cloud style infrastructure (IaaS) on your multi-vendor infrastructure with workflows orchestration, automation and advanced analytics. Solution is powered by our integration ready management fabric providing out of box integrations and uniform APIs, all built with microservices architecture.

Hybrid Cloud Transformation

Cloud migration is challenging with many unknowns. AppDimensions accelerates your cloud migration journey by providing application discovery, migration assessments and recommendations. Post migration, you can manage your hybrid applications from one portal.

Digital Automation

Managed services environments and large multi-vendor IT shops need automation to achieve better service agility. With AppDimensions Digital Automation, enterprises can deliver faster, accurate services like Incident replication between partner/customer or remediating issues by triggering workflows.

IoT Governance

AppDimensions discovers all your IoT devices from a single portal and governs various aspects like serviceability, security, configuration or availability and performs life cycle management like firmware updates.
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