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Need for Next Generation Monitoring Tool

Monitoring tools have been in the industry for more than 2 decades now, and quite often we come across customers who are still running traditional or legacy monitoring tools, and most of them face common set of problems that are limiting them to realize full potential modern IT has to offer. Traditional tools are not Continue Reading

Making Sense of Machine Learning

Machine Learning has emerged with vigor as a buzzword in recent years. College curriculum, news outlets, social media, everywhere you look it appears with a growing frequency. Is it just a fad, a vapor in the wind that will dissolve as quickly as several former “next big things” in Tech? Is it a newly identified Continue Reading

Introducing cfxPulse – Next Generation Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

In our previous blog we discussed about how traditional monitoring tools are unable to address modern hybrid IT needs. We are introducing cfxPulse, our hybrid IT monitoring solution to exactly most demanding needs of hybrid IT environments. What is cfxPulse: Monitors traditional IT, cloud and hybrid environments in real-time to gain deep insights into health, Continue Reading