CloudFabrix featured in “Top 20 vendors shaping IT Performance” by Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ)

Emerging digital IT paradigm shifts like Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud, Microservices & Containerization, Serverless, Software Defined Datacenter etc. are creating compelling new opportunities for IT leaders. However, these same paradigm shifts have also led to a drastic increase in monitored assets, numerous operational tools, and exponential growth of operational data. When faced with such situations, enterprises are increasingly looking at new age solutions that offer comprehensive AIOps capabilities like the ones from CloudFabrix which can shape their IT management for current as well as the future. This is evident from the latest report by DEJ, which names CloudFabrix a leader in the key areas shaping IT performance. This recognition came just a few weeks after another leading research firm EMA’s “Value Leader” award under multiple AIOps criteria. Download Report

DEJ in its latest report surveyed over 3,500 organisations around a variety of topics concerning IT. Their analysis identified key areas that are having the strongest impact on IT, the details of which can be found in the complimentary copy of the report.

According to the report there is 2.9x increase in the number of organizations that have AIOps as their budget and majority of them are looking at transformational capabilities like new approaches to incident management, impact on business outcomes, contextual insights etc. The strategic approach that enterprises are increasingly considering to shape their IT management made CloudFabrix stand out as a leader in the DEJ survey. Following table highlights the key requirement areas and CloudFabrix recognition

According to President and Chief Analyst Bojan Simic of DEJ, CloudFabrix provides a unique approach to addressing key performance challenges, as its AIOps platform enables organizations to focus on the most valuable aspect of IT – impacting business outcomes. The platform includes strong capabilities for providing actionable insights from rich datasets and allows organizations to proactively prevent performance issues. CloudFabrix can benefit multiple stakeholders in an organization and it is effective in managing complex dynamic environments.

One of the core strengths of CloudFabrix’ platform is its ability to improve the decision making process that allows organizations to create cost efficiencies and improve business processes.

As organizations transform to compete in the digital world, they need to ensure they shape their IT management path to be able to meet the demands of its various stakeholders. Read the DEJ report Top 20 vendors shaping the IT, to learn more about key trends, requirement areas and make the right step in finding the solution that future proofs your strategy.

Srinivas Miriyala
Srinivas Miriyala
Srinivas Miriyala is the Director Product Marketing & Business Development at CloudFabrix Software. He has over 20+ years of product and business development experience, with 10+ years in leadership roles spanning Enterprise Software, Mobile and Telecom industries . Srini holds three US patents and has global experience working in U.S, Europe & Asia markets building strategic partnerships and rolling out products through System Integrators, carriers and device manufacturers. His current role involves driving AIOps product messaging, GTM strategy development and execution for the Europe and APAC markets.