Define & Govern – Delivering business & operations outcomes

July 9th, 2016

What is the ultimate goal of systematic transformation? Stronger outcomes! This  phase is the critical component to outlining what exactly a firm is striving to achieve.

Every enterprise has quantifiable business and operations objectives like revenue growth, business cost control, profitability, customer satisfaction and these objectives are translated to AppDimensions Outcomes by customers and must be met by applications and digital initiatives at target environment. Each outcome consists of a set of application aspects, called Dimensions, and set of rules, called Insights that the governed entities strive to meet.  Resources can be grouped  into templates and used to define outcomes. Many business and operational outcomes are provided out of the box and partners can develop new custom Outcomes and monetize through market place.

AppDimensions then Governs the target environments using extensive data collection, BigData Analytics capabilities and reports the extent to which governed entities meet the defined outcomes with a quantitative and an objective number – Governance score. AppDimensions will also provide a control mechanism to automatically or manually remediate offending entities to make them comply with outcomes.

It is always a good practice to first develop a benchmark prior to embarking on the transformation so they know where they stand with respective to where they want to be post transformation. This will not only help in prioritizing the transformation tasks but will be useful to measure  the improvements resulted from the transformation easily for each of the dimensions.