How do you keep track of your IT assets? Challenges of dealing with multiple sources of data

In any enterprise, multiple tools are used to maintain different pieces of IT asset information. The tools typically used include spreadsheets, databases, cloud, ERP, CRM systems, etc. In addition IT asset information is dynamic and constantly changing. It can be challenging when multiple tools are involved, to compile up-to-date asset information  for business and IT to enable them to make right decisions at the right time.

cfxRealize provides out-of-the box  data integration and data ingestion from over 100+ commonly used data sources. The following diagram shows some of the primary data sources currently supported.


Support for  new data source can be added with provided SDK. cfxRealize has built-in ability to automate data ingestion from any type of data source and provide meaningful insights so that clear and up-to-date asset inventory is always available.

CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence

Ram Datla
Ram Datla