Why Migrate
  • Improved customer response time
  • Fully managed environment with access to latest features and updates.
  • Fewer and relevant callouts to customers with truly actionable incidents
  • Free Migration and Onboarding assistance to our SaaS platform
  • Leverage existing setup and deployed collectors for migration
  • Add additional platform capabilities seamlessly on “as needed” basis
What is Included
  • Hybrid IT Monitoring (cfxPulse)
  • Advisory and Best Practices Recommendations
  • Advanced Graphing/UI Portal (Customize your portal the way you want)
  • Included 6 months of free trial for the following features
    • Log, Event & Security Analytics
    • Incident Rooms for reducing MTTR
    • Manage Hardware, Software and Subscription assets lifecycle and contracts status
How does the Migration Work
  • No additional cost to migrate. Let our team of experts help you with the transition and eliminate unscheduled downtime
  • The same trusted team of experts that you know and worked with your existing deployments, will work with you for a smooth and stress free migration to our SaaS environment
  • Contact us at saas@cloudfabrix.com