Full Stack Discovery &
Dependency Mapping

Continous discovery & establishment of dependency among various
elements in full-stack hybrid IT environments

Enterprise application sprawl and infrastructure dependencies makes problem assessment, problem resolution and change management more complex and error prone, leading to service issues and business impact. This includes:

  • Dynamically changing IT states obsolete statically maintained inventory (CMDB, Excel etc.)
  • Longer time to diagnose issues involving multiple assets
  • Difficult to correlate events and alerts across different layers
  • Complex and error prone change management
  • Multiple touch points to collate required information

Solution and Key Benefits

This solution provides extensive discovery, data ingestion, dynamic application modeling and recognition capabilities to establish and maintain a continuous representation and dependency of various elements in full-stack hybrid IT environments. This includes:

  • AI/ML based workload signature recognition
  • Topology establishment among various elements
  • Automated resource hierarchy establishment
  • Multi source data ingestion
  • Edge/Remote site discovery
  • Application signature establishment
  • Identification of similar hosts

Single source of truth to enable IT planning & operations

Faster and accurate current environment analysis

Accelerate transformation projects like cloud migration

Effective change assessment & management

Faster incident diagnosis & resolution

Enables effective IT goverance and controls
How it Works

Data Sources


  • HTTP/S
  • SNMP
  • WinRM
  • SSH
  • APIs
  • More...

Metrics / Insights

  • Applications
  • Service path
  • OS/Hosts/VMs
  • Device identity
  • Device parameters
  • Components/Interfaces
  • Network Nodes
  • Connected nieghbors
  • Upstream connections
  • Downstream connections
  • More...

Application component hierarchy

Asset topology and dependencies

Deep asset intelligence & more

cfxDimensions provides prescriptive insights &
recommendations to enable effective IT planning & operations.
Actionable Insights
  • Identification of rogue and zombie assets
  • Application rationalization insights
  • Inputs for technology refresh projects
  • Effective change impact assessment
  • Underutilized/Overutilized resources
  • Consolidation opportunities
  • More...
Automated Actions
  • Initiate isolation of rogue assets
  • CMDB updates
  • Notifications on stack changes/updates
  • Scheduled reports
  • AI bots
  • More...
Supported Use Cases

Application rationalization

Assessments – compliance, security etc.

Process mapping and documentation

CMDB replacement/synching