Analytics, Events driven Serverless
Automation for Modern IT

IT and DevOps teams face challenges retrofitting
traditional automation tools to solve modern IT automation problems

Static rules and workflows
to cope with changes in
dynamic environments

Rigid architectures resulting
in high resource consumption
and limited performance

Unable to embrace modern
DevOps and CI/CD
methodologies easily

No awareness of ITOA
and ITSM mode of operations,
data formats and tools

Limited programming
language and environment

Lack of support for modern cloud
native architectures that use
Containers, Microservices

Modern IT needs Automation Platforms that are
Analytics Driven and Integrate with Many ITSM/ITOM Systems

cfxAutomate is the Modern IT Automation platform that is Analytics driven
and has complete awareness of typical IT operational constructs, mode of operation and data formats.
cfxAutomate brings together key foundational technologies like Serverless, Microservices, AI and CI/CD & DevOps
to deliver scalable, efficient and intelligent automation that modern IT demands

Purpose built for
Modern IT Ops Automation

Built with Cloud Native
Architectures to provide
Cloud Scale

Leverages Serverless Computing
to provide significant agility
and pay-per use model

Natively integrates with
typical IT monitoring,
management and ITSM systems

Graphical console
to design and visualize

Automate distributed
apps and microservices
at scale

Key Use Cases

Virtual NOC Engineer

Diagnose and resolve network and infrastructure incidents based on workflow runbooks
Incident Enrichment

Perform complex troubleshooting and diagnosis by working with multiple systems or data sources to provide incident diagnosis profile

Replicate incidents among disjointed incident management or monitoring systems.
(Ex: Incident replicated b/w customer and MSP
Change Propagation

Perform config or policy changes automatically across whole environments or sites. Trigger based on events or based on governance index

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