AppDimensions changing the game from Insights driven IT (ITOA) to Outcomes driven IT (ITOA+)

In the previous blog, we shared our thoughts on how ITOA is changing the game from tools driven IT to Insights driven IT. ITOA systems gather data from applications, infrastructure and operations from multiple sources, and turn data into insights and intelligence. ITOA systems typically provide their value through various search capabilities, metrics, reports, dashboards. Once these systems expand, guess what will be the result? Well, we show the following comic to our partners and customers and tend to joke about the nature of the problem – they couldn’t agree more.


How do we solve this problem? What is the need of the hour? We need to flip our thinking, for a second, from technology or systems approach, to understanding what enterprises really want. What are enterprises goals, objectives and expectations from their applications and IT – and we call them as Outcomes. It turns out, enterprises are most interested in Outcomes and not really in bunch of dashboards or reports which don’t have relevance in the context of Outcomes.


To make it clear, let me list few example Outcomes that our customers are interested in:

  • A medium-size enterprise wants to high availability ensuring “3 9’s Availability of HR application in Prod Environment”
  • An e-commerce vendor wants to ensure low latency with “Under 3 Sec Application response time”
  • A wealth management firm seeks to keep unapproved changes under control and ensure “25% reduction in unauthorized changes”
  • An IT firm with Dev, Test workloads on cloud wants to ensure “Cloud cost overruns not to exceed 5% budgeted”
  • A customer support department aims to improve service levels by having “Reduction in service delivery time by 30%”

Now we can clearly see how the Outcomes based approach starts making more and more sense, especially given this dynamic and fast paced digital era, where IT leaders need to quantifiably and objectively show, govern and remediate their systems to consistently meet Outcomes set forth by CIO leaders and LoB departments.


Our flagship offering, AppDimensions translates business goals and expectations into IT operational Outcomes and ensures that IT systems meet the Outcomes on a consistent basis. AppDimensions is the game-changer, and takes a new and prescriptive approach to elevate IT from tools driven IT to Outcomes driven IT, which we call as ITOA+.

In my next blog series, we will share our thoughts on how AppDimensions is helping one of our partners’ CIO to fulfill his dream!

Tejo Prayaga
Tejo Prayaga
Tejo Prayaga is a high-growth Product Management & Marketing leader. Tejo has extensive experience helping enterprises build, scale, and market innovative products and solutions that use modern technologies like Data Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Microservices, Cloud Services, and more. Startup geek, Ex-Cisco, MBA, Speaker, and Toastmaster!!