What is IT Asset Intelligence – How it is enabling Digital IT Transformation

Asset Intelligence, is the collective intelligence provided by enabling an up-to-date view of all IT assets & relationships, and provides risk intelligence based on lifecycle events and contracts, utilization and compliance tracking based on hardware/software generations, cost optimization suggestions based on ports, licenses, subscription utilization, plan infrastructure refresh projects with what-if scenarios.

Some key challenges faced by IT and businesses and how asset intelligence addresses them.CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence addresses the previously discussed IT asset visibility and lifecycle challenges by incorporating the following features as standard part of the product.

  • Asset Intelligence comes with extensible data ingestion framework and out-of-the box integrations to ingest data from various sources and provide actionable intelligence. It currently supports 100+ commonly used data sources including data from data center monitoring applications.
  • It has inbuilt support for tools from multiple manufacturers/vendors and allows organizations to grab up-to-date information from manufacturers  and apply analytics to the EOL/EOS data (Ex: refer to Cisco Lifecycle Policy)  so that right decisions can be made at the right time and support good financial planning.
  • The following chart displays currently supported data ingestion and integrations  while support for new sources of data is constantly being added.

The following diagram shows the key benefits from the point of view of different users.realizeblog2
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CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence

Ram Datla
Ram Datla