Biggest Challenges in Enterprise IT: Data Quality Gap & Data Dispersion

Enterprise data comprising business, operations and assets information, resides in different forms and in different places. While the  data is distributed they carry important relationship insights which when leveraged can accelerate and improve decision making to drive the outcomes. This is one of the key challenges that analytics solutions, like AIOps, need to address. This means it should be able to ingest data from multiple sources, learn relationships, highlight the gaps and be efficient in processing the data based on the context. 

In this video, Rich Lane, a Sr Analyst from Forrester, shares his views on why it is important to address data challenges and how AIOps technology addresses it.  

The video illustrates the importance of data, data handling and the challenges faced during data handling. It also details how CloudFabrix AIOps platform deals with data challenges using its data discovery and mapping tool and how that helps in the acceleration of data  integration and analysis process, root cause analysis and Intelligent interfacing with automation tools.

For full video of Rich Lane covering several other key topics around AIOps, Click Here

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Bhaskar Krishnamsetty