Introducing cfxPulse – Next Generation Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

In our previous blog we discussed about how traditional monitoring tools are unable to address modern hybrid IT needs. We are introducing cfxPulse, our hybrid IT monitoring solution to exactly most demanding needs of hybrid IT environments.

What is cfxPulse: Monitors traditional IT, cloud and hybrid environments in real-time to gain deep insights into health, performance & availability of IT systems to run business efficiently and effectively.

cfxPulse Highlights and Gain Points

  • Full visibility into rapidly scaling infrastructure and applications
  • Alerting that automatically detects abnormal changes.
  • Analysis of historical data to gain insights
  • Rapid onboarding with Auto device discovery, CMDB population
  • Rapidly add support for new devices & technologies
  • Extensible to Public clouds, Containers, Devops & SaaS Services
  • Role based dashboards – Exec, Admin & Operator
  • Out of box integrations with ITSM tools – ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira etc.

Let’s see how cfxPulse addresses limitations and challenges with legacy monitoring tools

1. Tool Sprawl → Tool Consolidation: Availability, Faults, Performance

Customers had to run multiple tools to address Faults/Availability, Monitoring and Configuration Management, resulting in data synchronization issues and significant operational overhead.
With cfxPulse enterprises can consolidate multiple tools into one platform that is highly-scalable, extensible and support granular multi-tenancy

2. No Cloud and Microservices Monitoring → Hybrid IT Monitoring

Traditional tools had limited support for modern environments like Cloud, Microservices or IoT environments. However, customers often tend to expand their IT environments and feel challenged lack of support in their monitoring tools. With cfxPulse, customers are able to monitoring a wide range of IT assets covering

3. Customer Onboarding: Slow → Rapid

Current customer onboarding is lengthy and error-prone.

Traditional Onboarding Onboarding with cfxPulse
  1. Ship Collector Appliance
  2. Install Agents
  3. Setup VPN
  4. Manually Discover Devices
  5. Manually Populate CMDB
  1. Install Collector or Gateway VM
  2. Connect to Portal
  3. Automatically discover devices & populate CMDB

4. Alert Fatigue → Meaningful Alerts with Intelligent Alerting

Traditional environments are often challenged with too many false alerts, primarily due to following situations:

  • Unwanted alerts on CPE, mobile devices
  • No easy controls to alert on selected interfaces
  • Doesn’t understand topology to learn behavior
  • Duplicate alerts and lack of correlation for same/similar issues

With cfxPulse intelligent alerting, false alerts can be reduced up to 90%, using a combination of following features and capabilities

  • Granular Alert tuning at various levels (customer, site, device, interface)
  • Automatic tuning with topology based learning (CDP, LLDP, Application-Infra dependency etc.)
  • Eliminates duplicates with accurate re-occurrence analytics and correlation
  • Incident prediction and reduction based on Machine learning

5. Hard to Support New Devices/Technologies → Full Extensibility

With cfxPulse customers and partners can easily bring in support of new technologies or vendors within few weeks as cfxPulse is built-on microservices and containers architecture.

New vendors or protocols or interaction mechanisms can be supported by implementing corresponding microservice(s) that can be dropped in without disrupting production operations.



In our next blog series, we will touch upon some monitoring best practices and how customers can benefit from by implementing such recommendations.

Tejo Prayaga
Tejo Prayaga
Tejo Prayaga is a high-growth Product Management & Marketing leader. Tejo has extensive experience helping enterprises build, scale, and market innovative products and solutions that use modern technologies like Data Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Microservices, Cloud Services, and more. Startup geek, Ex-Cisco, MBA, Speaker, and Toastmaster!!