Importance of Dependency Mapping & Asset Intelligence

Enterprise applications typically sprawl and develop inter-dependencies producing complicated solutions. Ultimately the complexity makes change management complex, error prone, difficult to troubleshoot during service issues and ultimately start impacting the business in multiple ways.

To provide the right context when taking  up transformation initiatives or addressing service issues one should be equipped with dependency and impact insights. 

In this video, Rich Lane, a Sr. Analyst from Forrester, shares his views on the state of CMDB within enterprises and how this issue can be addressed with Automation tools.  

The video explains the utmost necessity of integration within the various tools across the platform and how CloudFabrix AIOps platform helps in 360° view of assets, dynamic asset intelligence for effective AIOps and dynamic stack resolution & enrichment.

For full video of Rich Lane covering several other key topics around AIOps, Click Here

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Bhaskar Krishnamsetty