Importance of Operational Data in Incident Context

Network/Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC) engineers and service desk personnel are tasked to process numerous incidents as  quickly as possible. However, to resolve an incident they are required to to perform various activities including collecting various operations data including metrics, logs, traces and more from different tools. In many cases, the process also involves coordinating with other IT personnel or creating a war room to bring the incident to closure. These complex and often repetitive tasks impact MTTR and escalate the costs.

To deliver quick response and proper insights, it is necessary to have all relevant operations data along with RCA insights when handling the incident so it can be resolved quickly and efficiently. 

In this video, Rich Lane, a Sr. Analyst from Forrester, shares the essentiality of including metrics data, full stack data  and other operational data to predict and overcome the issues involved with Incident management and resolution.

The video explains the need for providing contextual  metrics and operational data in resolving the incident faster and how CloudFabrix AIOps platform helps in 360° view of triage dashboards for effective AIOps and Incident resolution.

For full video of Rich Lane covering several other key topics around AIOps, Click Here 


Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Bhaskar Krishnamsetty