CloudFabrix Introduces AppDimensions™ – Industry’s first GPaaS

CloudFabrix Software is proud to introduce AppDimensions™, Industry’s first GPaaS – Governance Platform as a Service, designed and architected to modernize and govern applications, operations and processes.

CloudFabrix AppDimensions™ is an innovative Digital Governance & Modernization solution that allows enterprises to holistically transform and govern many transforming entities to meet business outcomes in a consistent, quantifiable and policy driven automated manner. AppDimensions™ unique approach of providing Digital Governance platform as a service, combined with outcomes, insights and ecosystem market place will revolutionize the way enterprises implement organization-wide digital governance to succeed in their strategic digital transformation initiatives.

Key capabilities:

Outcomes & Insights driven Governance: AppDimensions allows enterprises to standardize how they can define the application intended runtime behavior and operations from multiple stakeholder perspectives and let the platform, through its active and continuous governance, ensure the application delivers the desired outcomes using objective application governance scores.  Its roll-up governance score approach and recommendation engine simplifies governance, operations and diagnosis activities through its drill-down insights, analytics and dashboards to identify the causes and take recommended corrective actions. This new and outcomes based approach provides a common and consistent application baseline irrespective of underlying environment.

Active Blueprints and Application Dimensions:  AppDimensions application Active Blueprints serve as a foundation to deliver unified and automated application governance on any platform or infrastructure or cloud. Unlike typical static application blueprints, CloudFabrix Active Blueprints capture the entire stack definition as well as the dynamic operational needs of applications and associated governance dimensions (e.g. configuration, availability, cost, compliance etc.) from multiple stakeholder views. Enterprises can achieve standardization, agility and portability across any environment by using application Active Blueprints.

Marketplace Approach: Through Governance Platform as a Service offering, enterprises can customize the solution as per their needs and capabilities and deliver governance for a wide variety of application architectures, infrastructures and processes in a cost effective way. Its support for market place enables enterprises to leverage partner ecosystem to build custom insights and analytics or use readily available ones to meet their needs and reduce the time and cost of introducing digital governance.

Micro-services based platform: The platform is built for enterprises and designed to scale, supporting the needs of global organizations. By onboarding into this highly secure and elastic platform, enterprises can not only introduce digital governance to modernize their operations and processes but also be able to build cloud native applications, micro-services, containers and modernize legacy application in controlled manner.

Application Deep Discovery & Intelligence: For existing applications, the platform delivers application intelligence on a continuous basis from various stakeholder viewpoints by discovering and actively measuring the entire application stack and various interdependencies to help IT departments and business owners effectively plan and deliver application agility and governance.

Key Benefits to Enterprises:

  • Transform and modernize enterprise business critical applications
  • Manage and govern applications anywhere – on-premises or cloud with minimum risk
  • Business outcomes and Insights driven Governance (The modern approach)
  • One Cohesive governance platform for both legacy and modern applications will unlock new business and operating models for enterprises

Srinivas Miriyala
Srinivas Miriyala
Srinivas Miriyala is the Director Product Marketing & Business Development at CloudFabrix Software. He has over 20+ years of product and business development experience, with 10+ years in leadership roles spanning Enterprise Software, Mobile and Telecom industries . Srini holds three US patents and has global experience working in U.S, Europe & Asia markets building strategic partnerships and rolling out products through System Integrators, carriers and device manufacturers. His current role involves driving AIOps product messaging, GTM strategy development and execution for the Europe and APAC markets.