The new reality for Enterprises beyond 2017

Cloud is going to be the integral part of Enterprise backbones:

Enterprises are getting past the Cloud first or Cloud too phase. Cloud infrastructure, storage and services are going to be the integral part of all enterprise backbones.

Trending in reverse directions – Cloud & Data Centers:

Clouds are moving from cost savings mode to enterprise grade, and Data centers are moving from enterprise grade to cost efficient hyper-converged infrastructures.

Software is best served open and wrapped with value:

There is a considerable rise in open source interest among enterprises. The value add products and services with open core frameworks approach will be the preferred choice.

Security will be omni present to the cell level:

Security is no more just dealt at the firewalls or at traditional data center boundaries. It will be embedded and ingrained at granular level from services to messaging and from core to edge as the cloud native distributed architectures get prominent.

IT is shifting and roles are converging:

IT is shifting from traditional tools driven to analytics and insights driven. DevOps, AI and Machine learning paradigms are automating and converging many IT functions so the IT personnel can focus on higher order functions.

Business & IT alignment:

Business driven IT will streamline and simplify the complexities of distributed and dynamic nature of the digital world. Business outcomes driven Digital IT will be forcing business and IT alignment.

Micro-level architectures for Macro-level capabilities:

Enterprise software requirements are changing from static traditional on-premises to Cloud native, dynamic, scalable and fault tolerant. Microservices architecture is leading this change to provide the development, deployment and operational flexibility at micro level to address macro level cloud native requirements.
I am sure there are lot  more trends emerging, feel free to share.

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Bhaskar Krishnamsetty