Why automatic context enrichment for alert and incident management is critical for operations?

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Emerging digital IT paradigm shifts like Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud, Microservices & Containerization, Serverless, Software-Defined Datacenter, etc. are creating compelling new opportunities for IT leaders. However, these same criterion shifts have also led to an increase in monitored assets, diverse operational tools, and exponential growth of operational data. Typical operation data comprises of disparate availability/performance metrics,  alert/incidents/tickets, growing customer demands, rigorous SLA requirements, and security threats.

As a result, modern IT organizations are facing challenges in the following three key areas: 

  1. Constantly increasing Alert and Event Noise 
  2. Complex and Lengthy IT Problem Resolution Process 
  3. Inability to effectively predict and prevent IT service degradations or outages

What is context enrichment?

Responding to a new alert/incident in the fastest possible time frame is critical for its resolution by any network operations center (NOC) or security operations centre (SOC) or system reliability  engineering (SRE). However, rapid response time require having the pertinent information at hand to optimally deal with the alerts/threats that have cropped up.

Enriching alert data is often a manual task that is time-consuming and tedious. Extrapolating information based off a single alert or from enriched data is again a manual process, requiring many more pertinent queries by concerned members. For data to become actionable it requires enrichment and any additional data must then be manually correlated by an analyst. 

CloudFabrix brings breakthrough innovations to enable alerts/incidents to be enriched with contextual data without manual tagging which is the typical norm adopted by several AIOps tools. CloudFabrix uses the capabilities such as Automated Context Extraction (ACE) and  Just In Time Enrichment (JITE) to achieve this. These capabilities use extensive ML clustering/classification algorithms and asset dependencies as listed below:

  • Eliminates alert/event noise through correlation, suppression and de-duplication
  • Cluster Alerts with similar symptoms which it learns from the description text
  • Topology-based correlation to find root cause/most probable cause event
  • Multivariate anomaly detection with support for seasonality for early warnings
  • Extracts additional contextual details using multiple attributes such as dependencies, symptom groups, knowledge base etc.

Once the context is enriched, it can more effectively categorize, analyze, and collate events from across systems and security tools. This allows the detection of early threats, root causes etc in real-time to enable rapid response and is capable of scaling to meet evolving demands. This reduces response time from hours or days to just minutes.

How will automatic context enrichment help?

Automatic Context Enrichment eliminates manual labor and time spent on contextualizing data. Other  benefits include:

  1. Improved Operational Efficiency
  2. Reduced False Alerts
  3. More than 50% Reduction in MTTR
  4. Predictive Operations
  5. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  6. 100% SLA compliance
  7. Handle Large Volume of Incidents
  8. Automated Problem Diagnosis & Resolution

Case Study

Large Retail Company in the US gains major time savings with Automated Incident Resolution

The client is a large retail company based in the US. They recently expanded their market through the acquisition of regional brands with their physical stores and introduced their own e-commerce offerings. 

Are you facing any of these problems with your IT Ops?

CloudFabrix will help you run your IT smoothly seamlessly integrating with all your systems. We will leverage real-time data to provide actionable insights and streamline your IT team. This will allow management of priority tasks rather than wasting time in handling everyday tasks saving labor, money, and time. We guarantee that the long-term impact of AIOps on your IT operations will be transformative.

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any questions.

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Bhaskar Krishnamsetty