IT administrators, NOC/SOC and ServiceDesk teams are inundated with high volume of incidents. Consequently, they are always under pressure to troubleshoot and resolve incidents in a timely manner to meet SLA/SLO requirements. This includes:

  • Unable to quickly verify or diagnose incidents that usually auto resolve
  • Lack of knowledge base or insights from previous incident actions
  • Lack of readily available relevant telemetry
  • Unable to easily address repeat or similar incidents
  • Lack of insights from asset lifecycle
  • Too many touch points

Solution and Key Benefits

cfxDimensions incident management solution is a highly scalable event processing pipeline, with AI capabilities. It integrates with several ITSM, monitoring and automation tools to enable effective incident processing and resolution by NOC/SOC/ITOPs teams.

Incident Essentials/

Context Aware

Asset Lifecycle

Incident Knowledgebase/ Recommendations

Incident Suggested
Next Steps

Automated Diagnostics/
AI Bots
How it Works



Data Sources

  • Monitoring Tools
  • ITSM Tools
  • Asset Inventory Tools
  • IT Lifecycle Management Tools
  • CMDB
  • AD/IAM Tools for Users
  • More...


  • HTTP/S
  • SNMP
  • WinRM
  • SSH
  • APIs
  • More...

Metrics / Insights

  • Alerts
  • Incidents
  • Assets
  • Metrics
  • Users
  • More...