Asset Intelligence: An Essential Precursor to IT Transformation

Technology as a disruptor gives rise to incredible opportunities while simultaneously rendering existing business models obsolete. Customers tailor their changing expectations to include novel platforms, services, and modes of engagement. Companies that don’t anticipate and embrace this change may find themselves left behind.

Today’s landscape is highly competitive with companies constantly looking to differentiate themselves through substantial value addition and great customer experience. Enabling collective intelligence through the real-time representation of all IT assets & relationships with risk intelligence based on various metrics is Asset Intelligence. 

These are based on simulations of hardware/software, cost optimization suggestions, subscription utilization, and well-planned infrastructure projects with what-if scenarios derived from lifecycle events, contracts, utilization and compliance tracking.  

Challenges faced by companies today

IT/Business Value – Misalignment

Strategic alignment with organizational capability is highly central to the IT team’s success. In today’s ecosystem novel technologies and rapid innovation render established strategies and business models obsolete while providing potentially transformative opportunities. This requires a seamless connection between IT and the business. 

Working on the business team’s functionality for a new product or novel features for six and coming forward beta testing won’t cut it anymore. Isolated departmental structures only hinder the process. Product development teams must be closely working sans silos in bridging the business and IT.

Sub-par financial Planning

Lack of end-to-end visibility in IT financial planning leads to out of control spending. Additionally, if the IT teams are poorly equipped they won’t be able to identify potential threats to mitigate risk before business impact. This will further drain resources better used for business development. 

Inadequate data-driven decisions

Data drives the digital landscape today. In the absence of required data, the executive committee will be flying blind. This further handicaps the company running on traditional systems. 

Data should not just be present, it should be of high quality. Data is necessary not just for improving business operations, but to boost customer experience.  Lack of real-time or up-to-date information hinders decision making with the management unable to see a comprehensive representation of statistics.  

Shifting to Cloud 

Legacy systems run on an infrastructure that is currently struggling to keep up with the volume and speed of data coming in. Traditional infrastructures require high maintenance. 

Further, these systems are not primed for centralized databases and the seamless transfer of information. With the profusion of automation, archaic systems are highly labour-intensive and time-consuming. 

Meeting business goals

Companies today require diverse departments working in concert to achieve their business goals and optimum performance. With in-siloed departments, there is very limited scope to achieve high efficiency. Reaching targets both short-term and long-term requires centralized, intuitive, intelligent systems. 

Why is Asset Intelligence necessary?

Companies today with an international customer base and an expanding product portfolio, need to standardize their asset portal and transform digitally. This requires gaining end-to-end visibility. With access to real-time information, optimizing the product portfolio and business operations is easier with collaboration across business functions, geographies, and customers. 

This further enables the company to maintain a global database of assets and track them making it possible to provide new services to customers based on evolving needs, thus increasing satisfaction.

CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence remedies the above IT challenges by incorporating the following features as a standard part of the product.

  • Asset Intelligence provides clear visibility into all assets. In addition, there is comprehensive subscription growth tracking. This ensures good customer experience and complete success visibility. 
  • With extensible data ingestion framework and out-of-the-box integrations data can be ingested from disparate sources and provide real-time actionable intelligence. It currently supports 100+ commonly used data sources including data from data centre monitoring applications.
  • This allows visibility into various opportunities offering a high EA conversion rate. With a centralized system, this allows multiple upsell or cross-sell opportunities. 
  • It has inbuilt support for tools from multiple manufacturers/vendors and allows organizations to grab up-to-date information from manufacturers and apply analytics to the EOL/EOS data (Ex: refer to Cisco Lifecycle Policy)  so those right decisions can be made at the right time and support good financial planning.
  • Visibility into all phases of the lifecycle with real-time tracking of asset utilization. This helps in optimizing utilization by maximizing resources. 

Are you facing any of these problems with your IT Ops?

CloudFabrix will help you run your IT smoothly seamlessly integrating with all your systems. We will leverage real-time data to provide actionable insights and streamline your IT team. This will allow management of priority tasks rather than wasting time in handling everyday tasks saving labor, money, and time. We guarantee that the long-term impact of AIOps on your IT operations will be transformative. 

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any questions.

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty
Bhaskar Krishnamsetty