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In the current IT environment, the complexity of IT operations has risen exponentially, NOC teams have been needed to monitor individual elements of the infrastructure stack (compute, network, and storage), and application health is the topmost concern. These challenges are compounded by security breaches that occur on a daily basis in the enterprise IT infrastructure, in which IT SOC teams have to operate against very sophisticated actors who are leveraging known vulnerabilities and exploits.

This, in turn, forces IT NOC/SOC teams to spend the majority of their time jumping from one alert/incident to another, thereby depriving them of time to work on strategic objectives such as building a hybrid cloud, building a world-class monitoring & assurance system or securing the IT operations that stay on top of ever-evolving security vulnerabilities and attacks.

Autonomous Operations State

“Autonomous Operations” is a state where the NOC/SOC teams are held completely free from repetitive tasks, while simultaneously equipping them with actionable and contextual insights to complete the tasks effectively and efficiently. With this, IT teams will be able to focus most of their time on strategic objectives that falls in line with the business objectives.

Key Enablers

AI/ML has evolved sufficiently to provide automated resolution & remediations for IT issues. Resolution of most recurring issues is handled by machine learning & human operators. The repair & remediation part comes from the automation of the infrastructure components.

What does CFX offer for AI/ML & AIOps-driven automation?

CloudFabrix AIOps technology provides a platform for easy and automated ingestion of infrastructure, security, and application events from more than 100+ out-of-the-box sources. This platform also offers automated ticketing for baselined events such as KPI threshold breaches and alarm clearing. The most valuable feature of CFX would be learning from listening to thousands of incoming events from customers’ DC Infra and learning what constitutes baseline and out-of-character events, and learning how the resolution occurred by peering into the tickets. CloudFabrix AIOps Platform provides Advisory Services that give insights into capacity usage and dynamic thresholding, allowing for smart suppression of alarms and automated threshold adjustments based on time and usage.

Security logs and analysis are also built out-of-the-box with key security vendors, allowing for the collaboration of NOC and SOC operations, giving NOC teams insights into security events, and showing impacted/target applications or infrastructure resources. CFX Dimensions Log Analytics comes with out-of-the-box reports for NetFlow, IPFix, IDP/IDS events, and easy search with real-time index logging.

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Anand Louis
Anand Louis