CloudFabrix at Cisco Live EMEA – Highlights

Cisco’s one-of-a-kind conference, Cisco Live EMEA 2024 in Amsterdam, marked a pivotal milestone in illuminating the path forward with a spotlight on AI, operational simplicity, and security.

Bringing key network telemetry and correlating it with the business outcomes has become quite essential for Modern Enterprises and CloudFabrix addressed this by launching three new modules for the Cisco Observability Platform.

Ronak Desai announcing new modules along with CloudFabrix’s three new modules for the Cisco Observability Platform

The three modules are namely:

  • Asset Intelligence
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Observability

Asset Intelligence Module:

This module provides visibility into datacenter-wide assets and their interdependence, critical to Day 0 operations. Some of the benefits of using this module are

  • Real-Time Cross-domain Topology Discovery
  • Application and IT Infrastructure Dependency Mapping
  • Tracking Asset Inventory
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Lifecycle Analytics (End of Sale/End of Life)
  • License Management.

Operational Intelligence Module:

This module optimizes Day 1 & 2 Ops and provides Full Stack Observability and Event Correlation across full stack which helps in reducing the noise.
Some benefits of using this module are:

  • Event Correlation across multiple cross-domain tools
  • Reduces TCO
  • Observe data from multiple APM, ITOM tools & legacy IT assets with Open Telemetry using Cisco Observability Platform

Infrastructure Observability Module:

The Infrastructure Observability Module helps in converting any new data source to OpenTelemetry data format which helps enterprises to consolidate their tool stack. Some benefits of using this module are:

  • Single Pane of Glass for Computing, Virtualization, Networking, and Storage Infrastructure
  • Accelerate Data Integration
  • Providing insights quickly with dynamic Data Ingestion and Automation (DIA) service

Let’s dive into the other important announcements/highlights from the Cisco Live 2024 event;

Cisco gets an AI upgrade with Nvidia:

Cisco has forged a partnership with Nvidia the leading manufacturer of semiconductors to upgrade Cisco’s data centers with the new age infrastructure that supports advanced AI capabilities.

Increased focus on Security:
Jeetu Patel presenting on stage about the new Security Stack

With connectivity technologies like WiFi-6 & 5G gaining traction, implementing additional security measures has become necessary. As a result, a new offering called Cisco Email Threat Defense, leveraging AI to detect threats on email, has been launched. Additionally, Cisco quickly caught up with the AI trend and included an AI assistant in its Secure Access platform.

Prioritizing Sustainability:

With enterprises across the globe trying to adopt eco-friendly solutions and become a carbon neutral enterprise Cisco’s Silicon One solutions helps in tracking the IT devices usage and offer organizations a path to optimize their energy usage while increasing their savings.

Enhancing Productivity & Customer Experience:

Being a Customer Centric solution Cisco launched Cisco ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent and the platform navigator for managing the network in a unified way as this helps improve network performance and visibility of Cisco ecosystem applications/services.

Here are some snaps from the event:

Presentations & Demos by CloudFabrix at the event

Powered by Cisco Observability Platform for Cloud Native and Enterprise Hybrid Workloads

Raju Penmetsa, Chief Technology Officer at CloudFabrix
Asset Intelligence and Operational Intelligence Analytics

Tuesday 2:20pm – 2:35pm CET, CiscoLive In-Booth Theater Presentation

Shailesh Manjrekar, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudFabrix
1) Anatomy of Cisco FSO Solution – How to Develop Real Life Observability Solution using Cisco FSO Platform

Monday, Feb 5 10:00 AM – 10:20 AM CET, CiscoLive | DevLit – 2797

2) How CloudFabrix Data Fabric and Modules Complement Cisco Observability Platform?

Monday, Feb 5 01:00 PM – 01:20 PM CET, CiscoLive | DEVLIT – 2244

3) vSphere and SAP Observability

Monday, Feb 5 03:10 PM – 03:35 PM CET, CiscoLive In-Booth Theater Presentation

4) CloudFabrix Data Fabric and Data Automation and Ingestion service

Wednesday 11:35 AM-11:50 AM CET, CiscoLive In-Booth Theater Presentation

5) Telco Service Assurance powered by CloudFabrix and Cisco Observability Platform

Thursday 10:50 AM – 11:05 AM CET, CiscoLive In-Booth Theater Presentation

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Shailesh Manjrekar
Shailesh Manjrekar
Shailesh Manjrekar, Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for CloudFabrix's AI and SaaS Product thought leadership, Marketing, and Go To Market strategy for Data Observability and AIOps market. Shailesh Manjrekar is a seasoned IT professional who has over two decades of experience in building and managing emerging global businesses. He brings an established background in providing effective product and solutions marketing, product management, and strategic alliances spanning AI and Deep Learning, FinTech, Lifesciences SaaS solutions. Manjrekar is an avid speaker at AI conferences like NVIDIA GTC and Storage Developer Conference and is also a Forbes Technology Council contributor since 2020, an invitation only organization of leading CxO's and Technology Executives.