My Perspective on CloudFabrix Collaboration with the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform

I am thrilled that CloudFabrix is a pioneering design partner for Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability Platform (FSO). The Cisco FSO Platform has been designed with a vision of providing a unified observability experience across all application and infrastructure aspects, thereby dismantling silos. The platform’s choice to adopt OpenTelemetry as the protocol for data ingestion via MELT opens up the possibility for comprehensive insights on the complete stack.

What truly excites me about the FSO Platform is its emphasis on extensibility. Cisco has ensured that both partners and customers can augment its capabilities, integrating operational data to generate insights through an easily composable dashboard. Platform extensibility, especially when it involves external organizations, is a challenging aspect to tackle, but Cisco’s FSO platform has successfully incorporated this from the get-go.

CloudFabrix has expanded the capabilities of Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability (FSO) Platform, extending its reach into hybrid cloud environments through the development of the vSphere observability module. The end-users experience is so smooth that it blurs the lines between the modules developed independently by two distinct companies, all the more impressive considering that it was achieved within six weeks by a single engineer.

For the vSphere module, CloudFabrix has delivered a Service Blueprint, consisting of a suite of data pipelines running on RDA Edge. This version of RDA operates in close proximity to the data sources, optimizing data processing and access. This development further underlines the flexibility and adaptability CloudFabrix RDA Fabric. CloudFabrix has hundreds of active integrations operating at scale within hybrid cloud environments. We stand poised to further enhance Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability platform with additional hybrid cloud use cases.

CloudFabrix Data Modernization Service for the Cisco FSO Platform


Raju Datla - CEO, CloudFabrix
Raju Datla - CEO, CloudFabrix