How our Field Teams’ Productivity Skyrocketed with our New AIOps Studio

Lately, I have seen fewer call outs from our field teams to our solution engineering team, and I was wondering what could be the reason?

Sometimes, our field engineers approach our solution engineering team with advanced requests for data analysis, running what-if scenarios and assessing the quality of data and what new value can be gleaned by combining related datasets. 

It turns out that now our field engineers are able to do all such activities on their own and more, with our new AIOps Studio, which is a tool to implement Robotic Data Automation (RDA). 

Fig: AIOps Studio serves as an IDE to author, test, and publish pipelines
Fig; Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

AIOps Studio brings the DevOps paradigm to AIOps and Observability projects. With AIOps Studio, our field engineers are now able to perform all data integration and preparation activities a lot more efficiently. 

If we step back a little bit and understand the role of field teams – they actually have one of the toughest jobs. As they go into customer accounts, they are handling a lot of unknowns, and often they are tasked to complete projects that require an intimate understanding of data and systems. Additionally, they have to deliver services on an ongoing basis, to keep up with changes in the environment, meet customer requests and fulfill contractual obligations.

How our field teams are using AIOps Studio

With AIOps Studio, our field teams are able to perform the following activities a lot more quickly and efficiently: 

  • Perform data exploratory analysis
  • Assess the quality of data, answer questions
  • Run what-if analysis
  • Metadata discovery
  • Filter data, clean and select useful data
  • Shape data (aggregation, transformation)
  • Enrich data (adding context from aggregation systems, uploading dictionaries)
  • Data analytics (view summary results)
  • Extract value from data by combining independent datasets
  • Load data in analytics and visualization tools for ad hoc reporting (ex: Kibana)
  • Implement data pipelines to automate complex data operations
  • Share solution packages within field teams and also between different environments (staging/prod) 

Additional Benefits:

Some additional benefits that we reaped with AIOps Studio

  • Ability to address a lot more use cases than we originally envisioned (Ex: E-bonding, change detection, integrations with external NLP services, data enrichments 
  • POC projects are getting done a lot quicker
  • Project proposals are happening quickly as teams are able to formulate possible outcomes based on data  

Go-To Tool for Field Teams and Partners:

AIOps Studio is clearly becoming the go-to tool for all field teams. Our partners are also beginning to embrace the tool and they like the fact that it doesn’t need any specialized coding skills (like javascript/python) and pipelines are completely implemented with a no-code approach and they are planning to commercialize some of the solution packages tied to industry/customer.

Learn More:

Visit to learn more AIOps Studio and RDA or Shout out to us if you want to let us know your feedback, or if you have any questions

Tejo Prayaga
Tejo Prayaga
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