AIOps platforms help augment human decisions with machine-driven decisions. AIOps platforms can be categorized into 4 types 1) Monitoring-Centric 2) ITSM-Centric 3) Log or Data lake-Centric 4) Pure-play AIOps (cross-domain)

What is AIOps Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) AIOps tools involve using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies along with big data, data integration, and automation technologies to help make IT operations more smarter and predictive. AIOps complement manual […]

The security stack is a crucial part of any company’s IT infrastructure.  However, Security teams increasingly report that traditional SIEM solution approaches are “costly, complex, and resource-consuming,” according to a recent ESG survey.  Fortunately, there has been significant innovation in […]

As businesses become increasingly digital, IT operations now deal with more extensive and more complex data than before. Traditional tools and strategies might no longer be enough to help them cope with their growing workload. Hence, many organizations are tuning […]